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I am of course very happy to undertake all kinds of commissions, so please get in touch through my contact page or through Facebook

Most Popular Commissions:

Sketch portraits are drawn with black or brown pen onto white or toned 180gsm paper. Usually A4 (29.7 x 21cm)they show the essence and character of the subject without fine details, and are ideal for commissioning from your own photographs. I like to have a few photos to look at and a short description of personality to help get a good idea of character. You can email or post your information through, contact me here to get the process started.

Price: £45.00 unframed, £110.00 framed

Charcoal portraits. A real statement for any room. Large charcoal portraits are done using willow charcoal on ‘Off White’ cartridge paper. A charcoal drawing is executed on this A1 (59.4 x 84.1cm) paper. I then paint over the drawing using white acrylic , which leaves a fantastic shadowy figure. This is left to dry and a portrait is completed over this base.

Portraits can be made from customers own photographs, but for better quality pictures, it is preferable I meet the subject. This can be at my studio or at the subjects own home. Travel over 20 miles will be charged at 45p a mile.

Price: A single portrait is £55.00 unframed and £145.00 framed. If an extra subject is added to the same picture, then £10.00 is added per person. For example, an unframed family portrait of three children would be £75.00

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments

Photo Tips

If you would like me to work from your own photos, there are a few tips I can give you which will help you to help me get the best result. What makes a good photo is not always the same as what makes a good painting, so even seasoned photographers will benefit from reading this page.


You don't necessarily need an expensive camera to take great pictures - a compact camera will do as long as it has a good (and clean) lens and gets the focus and exposure right. I am happy to work from either digital or film images as long as the quality is sufficient. Use your camera's highest quality digital setting or a good brand of film, to help capture maximum detail.


Many compact cameras have a wide angle lens which is great for landscapes and so on, but terrible for portraits as it will cause awful distortion as soon as you get reasonably close. Instead of getting right up to your subject, stand further away and zoom in with the lens to fill the frame. This way you also won't be invading your subject's personal space, and they will feel more comfortable, and behave more naturally. Do not be tempted to use any filters (apart from skylight or UV) - I am aiming for realism and I need pictorial information which is distorted as little as possible.


Contrary to popular belief, the best light for photography is not bright sun, but diffused daylight - the kind you get on a cloudy day but when the light is strong. This means that there is enough light to give highlights and shadows but without the strong contrast you see with sunlight, which can cause detail loss in large areas. If you prefer to take your pictures in sunlight try to keep the sun more or less behind you, but watch out for your own shadow casting onto your subject. I am not keen on flash photos at all as they flatten the subject out very badly and look unrealistic. If it is absolutely the only way you can get a picture I may not refuse it, but you must be aware that it will detract from the quality of the result.


One thing you definitely don't need to worry about is the background! It doesn't matter in the least to me whether there's a rusty car and a pile of dustbins behind your subject, or a scene of exquisite pastoral beauty; I won't be painting them anyway (unless you ask me to). Just make sure there isn't anything in the foreground obscuring your subject when you take the pictures.

What to Send Me

I like to have a selection of photos, even if you think some of them aren't very good, as it helps me to build up a good impression of my subject. You need to let me know which is your favourite - the main pose you want me to work from; and also tell me something about the personality of my subject.

Please send your original unaltered digital photo files (be aware that some software compresses digital photos when you email them, so it may be better to put them on a CD and post it). There’s no need to send prints of the same images.