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Sam White: Artist’s Statement

People are fascinating to observe: The shapes they make, their emotions and interactions and the clothes they wear, all tell a story. Our life experiences shape who we are. Personal memories and historical context are integral to our being. Narrative drawing and painting form the basis of my practice. Genealogy is a huge interest and influences much of my current work. There is the issue of continuity, the unbroken thread of life.

Our language is rich with textile based metaphors. We may discuss interwoven lives and the thread that binds us together, of losing the thread by which life hangs. These phrases hold a particular resonance for me as I have a background in textiles. Many women share this link, through connections in work or domesticity and there is a sense of history in the expressions, relating to a time when textiles were fundamental to home life.

My work is informed by these thoughts, feelings and visual stimuli. Drawing and painting form the basis of my practice but I often integrate other mediums, to best communicate my interpretation of events to the viewer